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Cingular gets Nokia 9300

Cingular gets Nokia 9300

Verizon has the Windows Palm Treo, and now, Cingular has the Nokia 9300. Yesterday, the two companies announced the availability of this much-anticipated smart phone (set for November), and it's got a couple of extra goodies in addition to the features we covered earlier this month. The partnership with Cingular allows mobile professionals to take advantage of EDGE speeds (check for availability here) and the new BlackBerry Connect service, which brings the popular BlackBerry push e-mail functionality to third-party handsets such as the 9300. Customers can select either a $44.99 BlackBerry unlimted data plan or a $34.99 4MB data plan when choosing a qualifying voice plan. The Nokia 9300 will cost $299.99 with a two-year contract. For more information about the smart phone, check out our First Take and First Look video.