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Cingular coverage update

Cingular coverage update

Cingular yesterday gave us a quick update on its network. At present the company is operating 3G services (UMTS and HSDPA) in 16 markets across the country. UMTS is available for cell phone users but at present HSDPA is only for laptops with a wireless card. In the second half of the year, however, HSDPA will come to phones (like the Samsung SGH-ZX20) and 3G coverage will expand to "most major markets." On the integration front the carrier said it has integrated about half of the 63 overlapping markets in inherited from the AT&T Wireless merger.

Cingular is aiming toward providing a mix of the 850 and 1900 band. Currently 850 is dominant with 1900 coverage stronger in urban areas. And finally, TDMA coverage will be gone by February 2008.