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Cingular and Sprint announce network changes

Cingular and Sprint announce network changes

RCR Wireless News reported Wednesday that Cingular will shut off its analog and TDMA networks by 2008. According to a Cingular spokesman, 95 percent of the carrier's traffic is over its GSM network, and the number of TDMA users continues to dwindle. While the transition to GSM and now UMTS no doubt brings more advanced features to cell phone users, it's not such great news for the TDMA users Cingular inherited from AT&T Wireless. Many will want to hang on to their AT&T contract, but the transition to a GSM phone from Cingular will require them to sign up again. Bummer. I guess they can always buy an unlocked GSM phone.

On a related note, Phone Scoop said yesterday that Sprint Nextel expects to launch a dual-mode iDEN/CDMA handset in October of this year. The phone will use iDEN for push-to-talk calls and CDMA for voice and data calls.