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Cingular and RIM announce BlackBerry 7130c

Cingular and RIM announce BlackBerry 7130c

Today, Cingular and RIM unveiled the new BlackBerry 7130c, along with a new service for accessing Internet e-mail. The BlackBerry 7130c is very much like the rest of the 7100 series, offering a cell phone-like form factor, a SureType QWERTY keyboard, and 64MB of flash memory and 16MB of SDRAM. Other goodies include an Intel processor, integrated EDGE capabilities, Bluetooth, and a sharp 240x260, 65,000-color screen. In addition, Cingular introduced the new BlackBerry Personal Plan, which will be available starting June 12 and gives you "direct and easy access" to your Internet e-mail accounts. It also includes unlimited e-mail and Web browsing for $29.99 per month with a qualified voice plan. The quad-band 7130c is priced at $199.99 with a two-year contract and will be in stores and online starting June 12. We expect to get our hands on one next week, so check back then for a full review.