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Cingular and MySpace team up

Cingular and MySpace team up

In an effort to keep hip with today's youth, Cingular is planning to sell ring tones made by indie bands that put their music up on MySpace, probably one of the most popular social networking sites among teenagers. Any artist on MySpace can upload a short track via an audio file and have it converted into a ring tone, as long as it's deemed original and "appropriate" (the criteria for what is appropriate is unclear). While artists can sell the ring tone on their own MySpace page, there's already a site on MySpace called Cingular's Mobile Music Studio, where you can purchase the ring tones and "bring your favorite unsigned artists to your Cingular mobile phone." Each 30-second ring tone will cost $2.50, and each band will get 25 percent of the proceeds. I can just hear the screams of hard-core fans yelling "Sellouts!" now.

Source: and MobileTracker