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CIA seeks to strengthen Net security

Concerned about terrorism and online crime, the CIA wants to bolster security.

The recent rise in Internet-related crimes and terrorist attacks has prompted the CIA to digitally bolster national security.

Agency officials announced plans Tuesday for a "cyberwar" center that will focus federal law enforcement agencies' efforts to combat cyber-criminals and terrrorists.

CIA Director John Deutch said he wants the center to be part of the National Security Agency, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

Deutch aired his concerns about the problem at a Senate Governmental Affairs subcommittee hearing on information warfare. The CIA director reportedly said the 21st century could face a cyberwar threat second only to nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons.

"I don1t know whether we will face an electronic Pearl Harbor," Deutch said, "But we will have, I1m sure, some very unpleasant circumstances."

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