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Chupacabra captured (possibly)

A Texas couple discovers a strange, balding, four-legged thing. They try to eliminate all possibilities. What they are left with is that it's the mythical creature. Unless this is a myth, of course.

Could it be Chuppy? WMUR screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

We are wise to this sort of thing by now.

A hunter-gatherer in the South discovers a strange-looking creature and it must be the very strange-looking creature that many believe really does exist.

With the number of times Bigfoot has been discovered, you'd think there'd already be a zoo full of them. Somehow, chupacabra sightings haven't been so numerous recently.

Thankfully, last Sunday, South Texas saw the emergence and capture of an animal that just might be the elusive beast. Or, well, not.

As KAVU-TV reports, this balding, growling monstrosity was captured in Ratcliffe. Local resident Jackie Stock said she saw this beast up a tree, eating corn.

As far as I know, corn doesn't contain human blood.

Still, Stock said to her husband: "Bubba, that looks like a baby chupacabra." It's natural when you see something odd to immediately have a mythical creature as your reference point.

They trapped it and caged it, and then presumably the media was called.

Local resident Arlen Parma insisted: "I hunted coons for 20 years with dogs and I ain't ever seen anything that looks like that right there."

This may well be true. It may not mean this is the chupacabra -- so called from "cabra," meaning "goat" and "chupar," meaning "to suck."

Those of a scientific bent are a touch more skeptical. They suggest it might be a dog, a fox, or a coyote that happens to have mange, or some other ailment.

Indeed, the chupacabra is known as a mythical creature because no one has ever seen one, found one, examined one, eaten one, or even had any evidence that one exists.

That's never stopped people wondering and fantasizing.

I cannot wait for the verdict of local experts. I know that Hollywood is watching and waiting breathlessly.