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Chumby gets chummy with new music features

New features announced for the lovable multimedia device.


Owners of the lovable (well, lovable-looking at least) multimedia device Chumby, are getting new ways to listen to music, watch music videos, and get music news.

Chumby announced on Tuesday that its leather-encased Internet clock radio of the same name would now allow users to tune into personalized radio stations using their Pandora accounts. When users indicate a song or artist that they enjoy, Pandora responds by playing selections that are musically similar.

If you like waking up to music, but prefer waking up to music videos, you'll be happy to hear that Chumbys will now be able to use Avot Media's video-streaming tool.

Finally, you'll never have to leave the washroom again, as Chumby can now receive music news from, as well as

BTW, if you're thinking of clicking on that Us Weekly link, don't do it--unless you want to lose the next three hours of your life.