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Chrysler honcho has high-tech interiors in mind

CEO Nardelli said his cars will have to offer the latest in car tech with the ease of use to go with them.

A more high-tech interior may be in store for future Chrysler models, Bob Nardelli, Chrysler's new chief executive officer and chairman, hinted during an interview at the annual conference of the Magazine Publishers of America on Monday.

"Look, I'm not a designer, but I am a consumer," he said at the Webcasted event.

Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli Chrysler

"The interior and aesthetic of a vehicle today has to be your most favorite room under your roof. It has to be tranquil. It has to have all the latest technology onboard and it has to be self-tutorial in the education of that technology," Nardelli said in response to rumors that he nixed several interior car-designs-in-progress after being with the company for only 100 days.

As car computers get more complex, many are concerned over their usability with consumers.

Nardelli is known as something of a technophile. While CEO of Home Depot, he had Webcams installed in every store and did regular checks from his office.

"It was great. One day I called up a new store and I noticed an aisle was blocked. I called the store manager and he really didn't believe it was me," said Nardelli.