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Chromecast mirroring comes to select Android devices

Recently announced at Google I/O, the beta feature lets Android users mirror their device to a Chromecast-connected television.

Select Android users can now mirror their device to a Chromecast. Google

Just a few short weeks after making its debut at Google I/O, mirroring has come to Android devices. Available as part of the most recent version (v1.7) of the Android application, the option allows users to cast whatever it is they see on their smartphone or tablet to the TV.

It's worth pointing out that the feature is not available to all Android devices yet; select models can take advantage of the beta feature.

As of today, there are just over a dozen smartphones and tablets capable of mirroring to a Chromecast. Comprised mainly of key models from LG, HTC, and Samsung, the list is expected to expand in the coming weeks.