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Chromecast makes streaming to TV cheap and easy

Google unveils new software and products, including an updated Nexus 7 tablet and a TV streaming stick with huge potential.

CNET Update ogles the dongle:

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In this episode of Update, Bridget Carey breaks down the big news from Google, including:

- The crazy-cheap Chromecast dongle, which streams video and music from phones, tablets and computers to any HD TV.

- New versions of the Nexus 7 tablet, on sale July 30 starting at $230.

- Updated features of Android 4.3, which is rolling out first to Nexus devices.

- The launch of the Google Play Games app, which lets you see what games your friends are playing.

- In August, Google Play will roll out a store for digital textbooks. Renting a textbook for six months would cost 80% less than buying the book.

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