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Chromebooks could be getting a touch-friendly way to launch apps

Your apps could be a swipe away when using a Chromebook.

Chromebooks may be getting a touch-friendly makeover.

Google's François Beaufort posted a video Thursday showing a touch-based app launcher that is currently being tested in an experimental build of Chrome OS, the operating system Chromebooks run on.

The launcher can be found on the bottom of the screen. One swipe up brings up a search box and a list of suggested apps. One more swipe up expands it to a full list of apps.

Beaufort said the feature is available through the Canary channel, which means it is included in a super-early build of Chrome OS that is quite likely to be buggy and perhaps crash. Google posts these builds for developers to check out or anyone who wants to poke around at how Chrome OS is made.

It's also possible that this exact feature might never make it's way over to the customer-friendly version of Chrome OS. However, it is the latest in Google's bid to make its Chromebooks more flexible. The company previously announced that all Chromebooks launching in 2017 and onward would include support for Android apps.