Chromebook Pixel legal warnings show sense of humor

The brochure accompanying the Chrome OS device won't appear on any late-night comedy shows, but Google did have a little fun with the usually dry warnings.


Easter eggs can add a little amusement to software and Web sites. But Google tucked the idea into an otherwise mind-numbing place: a pamphlet full of legal warnings.

In this case, it's the pamphlet for Google's Chromebook Pixel, the company's high-end laptop for running Chrome OS. It's nothing that'll make you guffaw out loud, but it's a refreshing break from the ordinary and worth a couple chuckles.

Among the quips:

  • If your Chromebook Pixel behaves abnormally (e.g. becomes discolored, heats up excessively, emits a foul odor, starts requesting fancy tropical vacations), stop using it and contact us immediately.
  • Do not use excessive force when opening or closing the display panel; you are stronger than you think.
  • When you perform repetitive activities such as typing or playing games on any device, you may experience occasional discomfort in your hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, neck, or other parts of your body. This is a good sign you should put your Chromebook Pixel down and take a walk, go for a jog or maybe jump around on a trampoline for awhile.
  • Do your best to avoid spilling liquids or food on your device, and avoid exposure to moisture and extreme temperatures. That means you shouldn't bring your Chromebook Pixel underwater or into outer space (unless, of course, you're in a spaceship).

Check the PDF below of the first half of the Pixel document if you want to read some more.

The brochure is funny judged against the usual humorlessness of lawyers trying to fend off lawsuits; we'll see if any comedians get ahold of Google's privacy policy or terms of service.

Google's Humorous Chromebook Pixel Safety Brochure

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