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What Google's new Chrome notifications for Android means for you

The new feature will make it even easier for mobile users to stay connected to their favorite websites and news sources.

Chrome for Android can push notifications to mobile users. Screen shot by Scott Webster/CNET

You're already used to your mobile apps pushing notifications to your smartphone or tablet, but how about your browser?

A new feature in Chrome's Android browser lets third-party websites alert device-owners to breaking headlines or new content, maybe even deals.

Early adopters like eBay, Vice News, Pinterest, FanSide and Beyond the Rack will be among the first websites taking advantage of push notifications over the next week or so.

According to Google, other web designers will be able to add the ability to send notifications to their own sites. Even companies that don't have a native Android app will get some of the same benefits this way.

This latest version of Chrome for Android (42) further blurs the lines between websites and apps by letting you easily add home screen icons for your favorite URLs. Much like you might find with a traditional desktop icon for a website, this shortcut will let users quickly hop to their favorite destinations.

Along with modifying its search algorithm to favor mobile-friendly websites, these site changes reflect Google's recent attention on the mobile Web.