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Chrome beta gets just a bit faster

Chrome finds speed gains in beta by managing memory better, and tweaks some forms, some HTML5, and some offline support, too.

Better-looking calendars in Chrome 27 beta.

The latest update to Chrome beta refocuses its attention on speed through better memory management, as well as making numerous HTML5 and offline improvements in today's release.

Google reports that Web site content loaded in Chrome 27 beta for Windows, Mac, and Linux, should appear about 5 percent faster because of how the browser manages its resources. Basically, the browser's resource scheduler gives more priority to critical resources, over preloaded content.

Calendar forms should look a bit cleaner in the beta because it now uses HTML5 date and time code. WebReal-Time Communication (WebRTC) also gets further support in this beta as live audio input now works with the Web Audio API for low-latency audio editing and playback, but it works only in Windows and Mac at the moment.

Chrome 27 beta includes a new Sync FileSystem API that lets developers sync app data. This could allow for significantly improved offline use of Chrome Web Apps. Developer tools have been improved as well, allowing Web developers to make more customizations to how they view their tools.

Full release notes for the Chrome 27 beta are available here.