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Chrome accents highlight the Frigidaire Affinity Dryer

Frigidaire 5.8-cubic-foot Affinity front-load gas dryer senses when clothes are dry. Adds sleek chrome trimmings with temperature control.

Frigidaire 5.8-cubic-foot Affinity front-load gas dryer Lowe's via Frigidaire

The classic white finish on the Frigidaire 5.8-cubic-foot Affinity dryer is balanced nicely with the chrome highlights. A chrome ring frames the actual laundry door and mirrors the other chrome highlights creating an aesthetically pleasing addition to you laundry room.

While sporting a 5.8-cubic-foot stainless steel tumbler, the unit remains compact enough, measuring just 36 inches high, with a width of 27 inches and a depth of 28.25 inches. Optional drawer pedestals are available as is a stacking kit for further customization. Adding another 15 inches through the stacking kit could help alleviate the chore of having to bend down to insert and remove laundry loads.

The control panel features easy to use electronic controls with a control lock feature to prevent unwanted changes. There are seven cycle selections along with five temperature levels (including air fluff) and four dryness control options. The Balanced Dry System pulls air from the rear of the dryer drum and circulated evenly for efficient drying. Also included is Shrink Guard, which reduces the initial drying temperature that helps to protect fabrics from overdrying. The Precision Dry moisture sensor also helps reduce overdrying.

Reviews are scarce for this gas version, however some opinions are available for the electric entry. As Consumer Reports (subscription required) says, they expect this model to perform similarly. The reviews are mostly glowing and positive with one bad experience, with the user unhappy at how the lint filter is placed. Features that are appreciated are the quick and efficient drying time and the ability to adjust the temperature.