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See a forceful Christopher Walken-as-Darth Vader impression

It's probably a good thing Christopher Walken didn't star as Darth Vader in the original Star Wars films.

Star Wars' great villain Darth Vader originally came to life thanks to a collaborative effort between body actor David Prowse and voice actor James Earl Jones. But what if George Lucas had gone in a different direction with casting the part? What if actor Christopher Walken, known for his distinctive speech patterns, was Darth Vader?

We now have an answer of sorts.

YouTube user Jamal Crowelle posted a video earlier this month of his best friend doing a Christopher Walken-as-Darth Vader voice impression. The footage is now gaining steam on the streaming-video site.

Crowelle's friend delivers Star Wars-related lines in Walken's voice. He milks "Luke, I am your father" by adding a well-timed pause. He veers into improv, rewriting lines as if Walken had had a go at changing the script. He also does an impression through hand gestures of the planet Alderaan exploding.

If we learned anything from this video, it's that James Earl Jones' voice role is perfectly safe.

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