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Christmas gift guide: Luxury ideas for the fabulously wealthy

Is that Christmas bonus burning a hole in your pocket? We've ravaged the retail world for the some of the most sumptuous tech items for you or your most decadent relations

Nothing says 'I love you' like blowing a shed-load of cash on an expensive gift. We've trawled the upmarket shopping malls to bring you some of the most outrageously luxurious gifts the world has to offer.

Whether you're after a seriously impressive watch, an unbelievably precious phone or the simple elegance of a crystal-coated pair of headphones, we've got the treat you need. If you're going to buy something for someone with expensive tastes, you're sure to find lots of inspiration in this luxury gift guide.

TAG Heuer Calibre S Lewis Hamilton Limited Edition, £1,500
Ever since TAG Heuer supplied Steve McQueen's Monaco watch for the film Le Mans, the brand has retained close links with the world of motorsports. It's fitting, then, that they've created a special edition timepiece to celebrate Lewis Hamilton's amazing achievements in the F1 championship this year. But even without the Hamilton link, this watch is still something special. It uses the company's latest Calibre S hybrid electro-mechanical movement, which is accurate to 1/100th of a second and has five bi-directional micro-engines and 230 mechanical components. Seeing as the quartz movement in the average ticker has just 30 components, this timepiece is truly the Formula 1 champion of watches. The watch isn't available online, but you can call 0800 037 9658 for your nearby stockist.

Roksan Radius 5 Turntable, £850
The world may have gone digital, but there are still plenty of people who don't want to give up their analogue ways. Nowhere is this truer than in the world of vinyl. It may not be as sonically perfect as DVD-Audio or SACD, but vinyl has a unique and pleasing sound all of its own. If you're looking for a luxury gift for a vinyl junkie, then they don't come more tempting than this sumptuously-designed deck. With a turntable hued from transparent acrylic and a smooth drive mechanism that uses a custom-made synchronous motor, it's the ultimate record player for the discerning audiophile.

Bang & Olufsen/Samsung Serenata, £1,000
The boffins at Bang & Olufsen and Samsung have bashed their heads together and come up with this gorgeous phone that combines the best that both companies have to offer. On the one hand, you get B&O's sumptuous design, giving the handset a beautifully curvaceous look that's finished off perfectly by some stark brushed aluminium. On the inside, Samsung has put its mobile phone expertise to good use. The handset uses the latest technologies including HSDPA for high speed downloads and comes with 4GB of memory for storing music. The sound from the built-in B&O speakers is amazing considering the phone's small size and it also comes with a dock so you can connect it to your home stereo system. Who wouldn't want this turning up in their Christmas stocking?

Swarovski/Philips Mirage Headphones, £70
All that glitters is certainly not all gold as these sparkling headphones prove. They're the result of a partnership between Philips and crystal maker Swarovski. Philips has created the speakers drivers, flexible transparent silicone ear hooks and fabric style cable for the headphones while Swarovski has added oval-cut Silver Shade crystals to the outside. The result is a beautiful pair of 'phones that look more like a piece of jewelry than a piece of consumer electronics. If the person you're buying for is into bling, then these headphones are your thing.

Leica M8, £3,390
The M8 is the camera that brought the Leica M series into the digital age. Some of the world's most famous shots have been taken with M series cameras, so it's no surprise that Leica took its time when it came to producing a digital model. Thankfully, this 10-megapixel snapper retains all the charm that made the previous cameras so sought-after, including the quirky rangefinder focusing system. No amateur snapper really has the right to own one of these, as realistically they should be reserved for professionals, but that only serves to make it an even more desirable gift.