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Christmas competition: Five games for families over the holidays

'Tis the season to school Uncle Jerry in robot beer pong.

Sony PlayStation

The holidays are times when we all come together, so I see nothing wrong with a little friendly competition with friends and family who might be visiting. If you agree, here are a few multiplayer games and activities to get the blood pumping.


Part Pong, part dodgeball, this VR game lets you go head to head with another torso. Players try to hit one another with spheres. Hits score points and hitting the strike zone will increase the speed and size of your ball. The ball can also be used as a shield to deflect attacks. Players waiting to play stand outside in a queue and can watch and comment on the game.

Price: Normally $29.99; currently $17.99, or $14.99 for PlayStation Plus members 

Osmo Mindracers

In this collaboration with Hot Wheels, six real Hot Wheels cars race down a ramp into your tablet. When the light says go, you hit the button, launching the cars onto the screen. Players also have power discs at their disposal to slow down an opponent or boost their lead, and you can also attack your opponents directly or use special boost lanes to speed up.

Price $59.99

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Gear Club Unlimited

This racing game, originally available for iOS and Android, is now available on the Nintendo Switch, and features a variety of real cars players can customize in their garage. There are lots of tracks to choose from and while some of the races seem short, that's probably better in a portable system like the Switch. It supports up to four players locally and online play can be unlocked, too.

Price $49.99

Laser X

Laser X

Who doesn't like laser tag? With this game you get two blasters with chest sensors. It takes about eight shots to be knocked out of the game, and staying alive regenerates health. The lightweight harness fits well and has a speaker for sound effects as well as a headphone jack for a more immersive experience. Players can either pick a team -- red or blue -- and even go rogue for an all-out free for all. These puppies take AAA batteries, so make sure to have plenty on hand.

Price: $49.99


A tech twist to an old drinking game, Pongbot is a remote-controlled beer pong robot. Standing just under 6 inches high, it's able to carry five cups for your favorite IPA (or whatever) for happy hour. We looked at this guy last year when it was on Kickstarter and we are glad to see it make it into production. I can see this little guy in many college dorms drawing school colors.

Price: $49.99

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