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Chris Pratt to be the next Indiana Jones in Disney reboot?

Could Star-Lord be Indy? Disney is rumored to be reviving the adventures of everyone's favorite whip-cracking archaeologist. But will Chris Pratt play the lead?

After chasing dinosaurs in "Jurassic World," will Chris Pratt grab a whip and be the next Indiana Jones? Universal Pictures

Fans can't wait for more space battles in a galaxy far, far away and Marvel superheroes are constantly in demand, so it can't be too big of a surprise that Disney is hoping to breathe new life into its other acquired franchise -- Indiana Jones.

According to Deadline, actor Chris Pratt ("Guardians of the Galaxy") could be next in line to replace Harrison Ford as the adventurous archaeologist Indiana Jones.

Disney has yet to officially comment on Pratt or the possibility of an Indiana Jones reboot. However, after buying the rights from Paramount in 2013 for the franchise, it's only a matter of time before the globe-trotting artifact hunter finds himself in search of the next trouble-causing relic.

In the meantime, Pratt will be on another kind of adventure, alongside dangerous dinosaurs, in Steven Spielberg's " Jurassic World" -- which hits theaters in June 2015.