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Chopstakes: Chopsticks for iPad, not sushi

Chopstakes are chopstick-inspired styli for your iPad. Folks with nimble fingers can use both in one hand to zoom, swipe, and draw without leaving greasy fingerprints on the touchscreen.

Ipevo Chopstakes
Would you like some virtual wasabi with your virtual sushi? Ipevo

If one stylus is good, then two styli must be better, right? That's the premise Ipevo's Chopstakes are working under. The new styli for iPad come in pairs.

Chopstakes look like something you'd find at the local Chinese restaurant wrapped in a paper sleeve. Each stylus is made from aluminum alloy with a rubber tip and is weighted for balance. Chopstakes come in two lengths and run $34.95 and $44.95.

Other than looks, versatility is the selling point for the styli. Use one. Use one in each hand. Demonstrate your nimble finger dexterity by using both in one hand, you show-off.

These should appeal to virtual iPad drummers, Chinese-food enthusiasts, sushi fans, and people who really, really hate leaving greasy fingerprints on their immaculate touch screens.

The product page does specify that Chopstakes are "not for eating." You could defy this and tuck into some stir-fry, but you wouldn't want to touch your tablet afterward.

I can't help but think rubber tips would be a great innovation for real chopsticks, making it much easier to chase down that last piece of rice that's trying to escape off the plate. How about it, inventors?

Ipevo Chopstakes two-handed
This is also how many people use real chopsticks. Ipeva