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Choppi electric garlic peeler aims to make life a little easier

The Ariete Choppi is designed to make an unpopular kitchen chore as easy as pressing a button. The small kitchen appliance can also chop and store.

Who knew? A large garlic shaped protuberance makes peeling garlic easier.
Who knew? A large garlic-shaped protuberance makes peeling garlic easier. Ariete

Some kitchen chores are so tedious they defy description. In fact, they transcend the kitchen and become synonymous with boring, menial tasks. Peeling potatoes is a prime example. Peeling garlic is another. The tiny, powerful cloves may house a deliciousness unlike any other, but getting to the goodness can be a chore. Tricks abound with ways to peel a garlic clove, all with varying success. And now, an electrical contraption has gotten into the mix. Well, make that mix and chop.

The Ariete Choppi is an electric garlic peeler. Despite the fact that peeling garlic is a tedious enough chore unto itself, the kitchen gadget can also perform numerous other tasks that we have become accustomed to seeing small, handheld kitchen appliances accomplish. In addition to being able to peel a garlic clove, the device can also chop a variety of ingredients as well as store them with the included lid.

Of course, it is the large bulbous clove attachment that sticks out here. While we may have become accustomed to seeing multiple-blade devices that can do everything from chop nuts to prepare soup, coming across an attachment designed to knock the peels off of garlic cloves is something of an anomaly -- a welcome anomaly.

Ariete happens to be an Italian firm (part of the De'Longhi Group), so the new garlic peeler is not readily available stateside. But considering the universal appeal of garlic and corresponding dislike of peeling it, perhaps someday soon the kitchen chore of preparing garlic will be as enjoyable as cooking with it.

(Via Appliancist)