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'Choose Your Own Adventure' chooses new life as cartoon app

The people behind the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books launch a Kickstarter campaign to create an iOS cartoon app, but fans of the original series have some cool pledge options, too.

Choose 'Toons screenshot
Gus the robot stars in the first Choose 'Toons adventure. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Some kids these days expect a bit more from their literary adventures than a simple book can offer. The makers of the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books are looking to modernize the format for new fans by turning the series into an interactive cartoon app. A Kickstarter project is underway to provide the funding.

The Choose 'Toons project uses the familiar format of a second-person adventure with various crossroads where the decisions you make impact the outcome of the story. The first story, scheduled to be released as an iOS app, involves a child who finds a robot named Gus.

The robot episode, titled "Your Very Own Robot," is based on a book of the same name. The book was geared for first-grade readers and the app aims for a similarly young audience. The storyline features 20 story branches and 11 different possible endings.

The team behind "Choose Your Own Adventure" hopes the app will appeal to parents who grew up with the original books and want to introduce their kids to the series.

A $6 pledge includes a download of the app. An $18 pledge includes a robot stylus to go with the app. A $30 pledge gets you in the door early as a beta tester. Old-school "Choose" fans might want to browse some of the higher levels. The $100 level gets you two rare, out-of-print books.

The one available $10,000 pledge for a real-life "Choose Your Own Adventure" has already been taken, but you can get a complete collection of present-day Choose books for $115. That way, you can relive your childhood while your kid is busy playing with the app.