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Chipset market reborn?

Intel, graphics chip companies, and chipset makers are all vying for a new silicon market in low-cost PCs.



Intel will compete with graphics chip companies such as ATI and chipset makers such as SiS for a potentially huge new market which weds graphics chips with key PC chips. This may also open up to renewed competition a market that had long been dominated by Intel.

"For the graphics guys, it's a matter of survival [to get into the chipset business]."

- Dean McCarron, a principal at Mercury Research


Chip war may erupt in graphics
Graphics chipmakers are unveiling strategies that may lead to a resurgence of the chipset market-- and renewed competition.

Intel launches new graphics effort
Although the company's foray into graphics chips last year floundered, it is getting back in the game with a series of 3D PC processors that could make it a major force in graphics.

S3, Via chip could slash PC prices
Two major players in their respective chip markets are teaming up to produce a new class of chips that could further reduce PC prices.