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Tech Industry

Chips here, there and everywhere

Intel gets busy with flash memory effort, promises to spend big overseas. Also: Chips to come to your soccer ball.

Intel gets busy with a flash memory effort and promises to spend big overseas. Also: Chips are coming to your soccer ball--just not quite yet.

Intel, STMicro team up for phone memory

The flash from Intel and STMicro will be the same for years, which will save everyone lots of money.
December 5, 2005

FIFA: Adidas 'smart ball' not ready for World Cup

Tracking technology behind chip-implanted soccer balls, designed to rule out bad goal line calls, needs more testing.
December 5, 2005

Intel to invest $1 billion in Indian operations

Just after rival AMD signs $3 billion agreement with SemIndia, dominant chipmaker says it'll add to its capital in Bangalore.
December 5, 2005

NEC reportedly develops 55-nano technology

Company has developed technology to make microchips with circuitry width of 55 nanometers, according to reports.
December 4, 2005

Chatting with Intel CEO Paul Otellini

video Intel CEO chats with NPR's Moira Gunn about where he sees the company heading under his leadership.
December 2, 2005

Intel to build $3.5 billion chip plant in Israel

Plant will produce 300-millimeter wafers via a 45-nanometer process starting in second half of '08.
December 1, 2005