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Chipmakers unveil their latest arrays

Advanced Micro Devices speeds up its new Duron and readies the Athlon XP, and Intel aims its Pentium III-M at ultra-portables.

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  Can Intel's ultra-light chip spark sales?
Frank Spindler, VP Mobile Products Division, Intel
Intel wants to help popularize ultra-portable laptops with the launch of new low-power Pentium III-M chips; Advanced Micro Devices spiffs up a series of processors for desktop PCs, including a 1.1GHz Duron and a line of Athlon XP chips; and Nvidia unveils its high-performing GeForce Titanium family.

Intel gets notebook makers to lighten up
update The company launches a set of new Pentium III-M chips, including low-voltage chips at 733MHz and 750MHz, two at 800MHz, and an ultralow-voltage 700MHz model.
Oct. 1, 2001 
New Duron kicks off AMD chip parade
update The chipmaker announces a 1.1GHz Duron processor for the value segment of the PC market and readies its line of Athlon XP processors for performance PCs.
Oct. 1, 2001 
Nvidia: Titanium gives more bang for buck
The graphics chipmaker unveils the GeForce Titanium chip family, saying it offers twice the performance for a given price than previous chips.
Oct. 1, 2001