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Chip firms move forward with new designs

AMD prepares to release fast new processors, Intel struggles with size issues and Texas Instruments plows into new markets.


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Times are busy for semiconductor firms, as AMD prepares for the release of its high-speed Thunderbird processor and Intel wrangles with size and cost concerns surrounding its Willamette processor. Texas Instruments, meanwhile, is harvesting new markets for its DSP chips.


AMD's Thunderbird to debut Monday
The release of a high-performance version of Advanced Micro Device's Athlon processor is expected to spark a new round of competitive battles with Intel.

Intel chip will be bigger, more expensive to make
Intel's upcoming Willamette processor eventually will reach speeds beyond 2 GHz, but the size of the chip is raising questions about how much it will cost to mak

Texas Instruments banks on demand for DSP chips
The maker of digital signal processors is aggressively marketing the chips for a range of gear from cable modems to Internet audio players and digital cameras.