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Chinon AVi iPod-docking station doubles as portable DTV

Chinon's new $199.99 AVi portable iPod speaker has a built-in 7-inch LCD and DTV tuner.

Chino's AVi has a 7-inch LCD and DTV tuner for $199.99. Chinon

We've reviewed a portable DVD player with a built-in DTV tuner and Sony's LBT-LCD7Di Muteki Shelf System with a built-in DVD player and LCD. But Chinon's $200 AVi iPod dock is the first portable iPod speaker system we've seen that has both an integrated 7-inch LCD for showing iPod videos and a DTV tuner.

Chinon says the AVi is "designed for use at home or on the road" and it also is equipped with an FM radio and alarm clock, though no GSM-shielding for iPhones.

Unfortunately, to really be able to pull in DTV signals, you're going to have to attach the included external TV antenna. It's also worth noting that while the AVi is portable, if you want to cut the AC cord and go totally mobile, you'll need to pick up eight "C" batteries and they only power the unit for about 3 hours, according to Chinon. That's not too appealing.

Comments? Are these types of iPod-hybrid-AV systems the wave of the future or just plain silly?