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Chinese tinkerer tries to build his own iPad

It's not an exact match and it runs Windows XP, but a tablet being put together in this Chinese video looks convincing.

DIY tablet
Tools of the DIY-tablet trade. Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

We've seen how the iPad was greeted with a frenzy when it went on sale in China, followed by an incredible report that a teenager sold his kidney to buy one.

Then there's the story about a Chinese girl who reportedly offered her virginity for an iPhone 4. No doubt it was a malicious prank, but it reinforced the stereotype of Chinese as gadget-crazy.

Hats off to the guy in the 20-minute video below, then, for trying to make himself an iPad without having to buy it or barter for it. Even if the thing does run on Windows XP.

Over the course of two weeks, the man seems to have patched together some old parts with a touch screen, which he painstakingly brands with the Apple logo. He even creates a nifty case for it, complete with a keyboard.

He demonstrates how his "homemade iPad 3" works in the video, rotating the tablet and using Google Earth, reading an e-book, and browsing other sites.

The homemade tablet is pretty clunky, but the video would be a good thing to point to in a job application. Nicely done!