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Chinese court delays ruling on Apple iPad trademark suit

Apple and Chinese company Proview Technology continues mediation, which prompts the court to hold off on a ruling.

Apple's new iPad Apple

A Chinese court will delay ruling on Apple's appeal in the iPad trademark case brought by a company in China as long as the two parties are working toward an agreement, Bloomberg reported today.

Apple appealed in February after an earlier ruling said the iPad maker did not own the trademark in China. The lawsuit was filed by Proview Technology. The Chinese company has filed suit against Apple in the U.S. as well.

Proview argues that it owns the iPad trademark and should be compensated for Apple's use of the name, or Apple should change the tablet's name in China. Apple said it acquired the rights to the trademark from the company in 2009.

Proview's attorney told Bloomberg that the court would normally rule on an appeal within three months of the filing, but the court-sponsored mediation is delaying the action.

China is a profitable market for Apple, which has found fame and demand among the large population.