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Chinese company merges PS4, Xbox One and Android for its new gaming system

The company hopes to compete with Sony and Microsoft, who were banned from selling consoles in the country until last year.


We've seen many iPhone clones come out of China, like the Oppo R9 and the Meizu Pro 6. Now, that phenomenon enters the gaming arena.

Chinese company Fuze on Tuesday announced a new gaming console, the Tomahawk F1, and it shares some striking similarities to both Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One.

As you can see, the console itself is clearly inspired by the PS4, while the F1's controller is almost identical in design to the Xbox One's.

The console runs on Android, and will be priced from 899 yuan, which converts to roughly $140, AU$190 and £95, according to Chinese blogger ZhugeEx.

Sony and Microsoft's consoles have had limited impact in the People's Republic, due to console gaming being banned until last July. Fuze hopes to take advantage, undercutting its international competitors on price.

A showreel revealed that franchises like Dynasty Warriors, Assassin's Creed and Saint's Row would be coming to the platform.