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Chinese blogger stabbed in restroom

Xu Lai, a Chinese blogger and science journalist behind the site Pro-State in Flames, was stabbed in a restroom at a book reading.

Could it have been a commenter?

Xu Lai, a well-known Chinese science journalist and blogger was stabbed while speaking at a book reading in Beijing.

Apparently, he was answering questions when two men dragged him into a restroom and knifed him. Thankfully, his injuries do not appear to be life-threatening.

One of these people may well be a secret, sarcastic blogger. But which one? CC Ernop

No one really knows whether he was attacked because of something he wrote- his site is known as Pro-State in Flames- or because someone simply didn't like him. Of course, these things are not mutually exclusive.

He is known for what some describe as a biting and sarcastic style of writing. Which, naturally, is reason enough for him to get stabbed.

It is really quite wrong to go around offending people. And the world's bloggers should cut it out and focus on what it truly important. Family entertainment.