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Chinese bank opts for open source

Turbolinux will supply open-source operating systems and software for all operations at a major Chinese bank.

The Industrial Commercial Bank of China has signed a deal with Turbolinux to run its open-source software in all of the bank's operations.

The bank will integrate Turbolinux's operating systems and software across its network during the next three years, the software maker said on Thursday.

Under terms of the deal, the bank will purchase an unrestricted user license for all its operations, branches and subsidiaries, it said. In addition, Turbolinux will support upgrades, virus protection and maintenance. The bank has 20,000 agency branches in China and 1,000 subsidiaries globally. Financial details were not released.

Linux deployment is growing in China, with software makers targeting segments such as banking, insurance and wireless applications. Intel last year began a program to boost sales in China of desktop computers based on Linux.