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China's never-ending blog crackdown

We've seen this headline before: China cracks down on blogs, search engines.

But apparently Beijing thought it was time to remind its citizens once again that theirs is not an anything-goes Internet. In a stern and eerily vague pronouncement, the head of the country's Information Office says that the government will "take effective measures to put the BBS, blog and search engine under control" to combat what it sees as a rising tide of "illegal and unhealthy information," according to an AP story Friday.

China has 37 million blogs at the moment, but could have 60 million eventually this year and 100 million next year, a Tsinghua University study predicts. The country's leading search engine, Baidu, said earlier this week that it plans to launch a new blog service soon.

, whose ambitions in the big-and-getting-much-bigger Internet market in China have forced it into some uncomfortable compromises on what can and can't be searched for.