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China's floating buses will ride above the roads

To ease congestions in its bigger cities, a Chinese firm has shown off a concept for a bus that drives over the traffic.

CCTV+/Screenshot by Andrew Hoyle/CNET

China knows that simply sending in more buses to its busier cities isn't going to help ease congestion. But put those buses on stilts? Now you're talking.

A Beijing company has shown off an interesting concept for a long, "straddling bus" that's raised up on rails either side of the road. It can glide over the traffic jams of the city at speeds of up to 60km/h, with cars being able to freely drive underneath it when stationary, the Guardian reports.

The buses are capable of carrying up to 1,400 passengers and will cost 20 percent of an underground transport system.

A prototype is reportedly being rolled out glided out in the coastal city of Qinhuangdao in the summer.