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China's Firefox browser has one feature the West lacks

In a display of how open source innovates, China's Firefox browser adds functionality that the West can't yet get. reports on one big feature that China's version of the Firefox browser has that the rest of the world still lacks: Live Margins.

What is the Live Margins feature? It's easier seen than explained, and can be viewed here. translates:

It's a new sidebar on the right, and apparently it is "a unique solution to the longstanding problem of tab browsing where only one tab is visible at any time." But it also gives "additional search results, relevant information, music, video, and much more." (It) is also localized, including information from the Chinese YouTube, and Chinese sites for music and other information.

It looks really cool, as it blends services from different Web sites into one view. It means I can be on, for example, but can simultaneously, in the same tab/window, be browsing YouTube, perhaps to call up a related news video.

It sounds like a great feature, and is a testament to the fluidity of innovation in open source. Often decentralized, open-source innovation bubbles up to meet disparate, local needs. Live Margins is just the latest example of this.

Via LinuxToday.