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China to build 97 airports in 12 years

A booming economy in the People's Republic means more airports. Building them will cost $64 billion.

So much for taking the bus in the People's Republic.

In its latest airport development plan, the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC) says the country will erect 97 new airports before 2020, according to the People's Daily, a prominent, unbiased, and properly licensed source of news in China.

The number of airports will increase to 192 by 2010 and rise to 244 by 2020, it said. Right now, there are 147 airports in China, with 45 of those serving civilian and military purposes. Building these airports will cost $64 billion, but once complete, 81 percent of the population will live within 100 kilometers of an airport.

How that will affect pollution remains to be seen. Planes emit large amounts of pollutants. Several airlines, however, are experimenting with cleaner fuels.