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Chill out with a bottle of wine chilled from the inside

The Cork Pops VinOice Wine Chiller combines a stainless steel chilling rod with a pour spot. The wine gadget chills wine without having to be removed to serve.

There is always time for a chilled glass of wine.
There is always time for a chilled glass of wine. VinOice

The turning of the seasons signifies a time of change. Yet just because the weather will soon start to turn cool, doesn't mean it's time to toast adieu to chilled wine.

The Cork Pops VinOice Wine Chiller uses a gel-filled stainless steel chilling rod to cool down open bottles. It doesn't need to be removed to pour a glass since a gravity-hinged lid covers a pour spout that is attached to the chill rod, so wine can be served without the need to mess around with any wet accessories.

To use, the chilling rod should be placed in the freezer for 30 minutes or so. When it's time to crack a bottle open, a bit of wine should be removed (i.e. consumed) to make room for the chiller. The pourer and the chill rod are designed to be separated, so an additional rod kept in the freezer can be ready to use at a moment's notice. And considering summer is over and fall is here, chilling out with a quick toast seems like quite an appropriate thing to do.