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Fashion-forward chickens strut in cozy new knitted sweaters

It's no yolk. Molting hens and one stylish Malaysian rooster are now a lot warmer as they strut around Massachusetts in new garb knitted by retirees.

As Tuesday's winter storm took aim at New England, animal-welfare organizations urged residents not to forget about their pets and farm animals, who have little defense against the bitter weather.

But in Milton, Massachusetts, a group of retirees already are making sure a flock of local chickens are bundled up against the winter weather.

Members of a knitting club at the Fuller Village retirement community have outfitted chilly chickens kept at the nearby estate of the Mary M.B. Wakefield Charitable Trust in handmade sweaters of all colors and styles.

Yes, chickens generally get along fine in all weather, but the trust notes on its site that the hens were molting, and the Malaysian Serama rooster, Prince Peep (he has his own Facebook page), is used to warmer temperatures.

"Never thought that a chicken would wear a sweater," knitter Rosemary Gelep told the Associated Press in a video.

"That's one thing that we do have, a little more time," Nancy Kearns told the AP. "And we use our talents, I guess, in whatever way they can be used, and it makes us happy."

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