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Gigantic chicken struts onto the internet, into our hearts

You can almost feel the ground shaking through your computer screen as an impossibly large chicken struts around the yard.

Sure, you could watch another adorable fluffy cat video, but those who live on the wilder side will appreciate this viral footage of a honking huge chicken posted on Facebook last week.

The video starts off innocently enough with a chicken head emerging from a hatch in a coop. Then the rest of the bird reveals itself, and it's roughly the size of King Kong. The video surfaced on Reddit and then spread across Twitter, much to the horror and amusement of people who never knew chickens could get so big:

Chicken enthusiast Fitim Sejfijaj shared the now-viral sequence on a small Facebook group called Shpeztaria Dekorative, which is listed in English as "Brahma Club Kosova." This clues us in to the chicken's breed. Brahma chickens were originally developed in the US and, yes, they can get really big -- with the roosters capable of closing in on 20 pounds (9 kilograms).

The internet is now educating itself on this unusual breed:

Sejfijaj followed his first hit with another Brahma video on Facebook showing a different but equally hulking bird pecking around for a snack. We're impressed. We're fascinated. We're slightly scared.

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