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Chicago restaurants stop taking cell phone orders

Because drivers are being robbed when delivering to customers who ordered by cell phone, some restaurants stop responding to those who order by cell.

You might think possession of a cell phone makes you more dynamic, more modern, more attractive to everyone around.

However, some restaurants in Chicago are now coming to believe that it merely signifies you're a robber.

As CBS Chicago communicates it, so many delivery drivers have been robbed by cell phone orderers in certain parts of Chicago that some restaurants are reportedly now only prepared to deliver to landline possessors.

Chinatown and Hyde Park are the two areas where cell phone miscreants appear to have had their pizza and eaten it.

It seems to have become such a problem that the local police had to issue a warning to all business owners, complete with certain cell phone numbers that have already been involved in such incidents.

Michael Bjordal, owner of Leona's restaurant in Hyde Park, told CBS, "I don't want to retire from this business and have a dead delivery driver on my conscience."

He is not one, though, who has exercised a total ban on cell phone orders, preferring to use his common sense.

It's hard, though, to believe that common sense will be enough in every instance. Worse, in difficult recessionary times, can restaurants really turn away every cell phone order?

It's not as if landlines are terribly common. Over the last 10 years, the landline business has seen a steady decline.

Still, one wonders whether those who order by cell phone offer specific home addresses or merely street corners. Perhaps it's the location of the intended delivery that is more important that the telephonic method that's used to make the order.

Perhaps, even if the location is a real address, restaurant owners will somehow need to have a sense of who lives there--if anyone lives there at all.