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Chic wooden radiator saves energy, water

Much prettier than most radiators, and it saves energy too.


All eco-values aside, I'd drool over this radiator if it had the consumption levels of a Hummer. Why? Because it's pretty. When you're used to noisy old apartment-building radiators that frequently squirt water all over the floor, a good-looking one is like high art. But it gets even better. The Energy-Saver radiators from Belgian company Jaga, as featured on Treehugger, use 12 percent of a traditional radiator's energy and 10 percent of the water. It's not cheap--in the UK, it'll cost you the equivalent of just under $400 USD--but your energy bill will probably take a nice nosedive.

It's actually kind of a no-brainer, according to Treehugger: If there's less water in the radiator, it won't take as much energy to heat it up to a nice toasty temperature, and it will react more quickly to a request to heat up or cool down. Instead of steel, the Energy-Saver uses non-corrosive copper and aluminum for heat transfer. And the wood in its sleek casing is apparently sustainable as well, having been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Plus, it's pretty.