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Chewbacca-skin rug puts a Wookiee under your tootsies

Enjoy the lush, plush fur of a flattened Wookiee beneath your feet when you deck your living room with a Chewbacca rug.

Chewbacca rug
This will look great in your Millennium Falcon. ThinkGeek

Your living room has a lightsaber lamp, your couch has a plush AT-AT, your drinks have Death Star ice cubes in them and there's a Han-Solo-in-carbonite rug by the front door. But you still need something to tie the room together. How about a Chewbacca-skin rug? The dark brown color is sure to blend in with almost any decor and it doesn't show stains like a rug made from a Wampa.

What separates this rug from just any shaggy rug the color of a chocolate bar is the bandolier design that stretches at an angle across it. Available at ThinkGeek, the retailer promises that "no Wookiees were harmed in the making of these rugs," though some polyester fibers no doubt laid down their lives so you can enjoy the feel of soft Chewbacca fur on your floor.

The Chewbacca rug comes in two sizes. The 6' x 3' version costs $99.99 (about £64, AU$116) while the 8' x 4' version will set you back $149.99 (about £96, AU$174). Sadly, the rug contains no sound-generating electronics, so you'll need to provide your own Wookiee moans, groans and growls every time you step on it.

The rug is officially licensed and most fans will probably enjoy having Princess Leia's Chewbacca "walking carpet" comment come to glorious life as home decor. If you feel a little bad about displaying a Wookiee-fur rug in your home, then just imagine it came from the pelt of one of Chewbacca's creepy relatives from the "Star Wars Holiday Special."

Chewbacca rug close-up
Put some Wookiee where you walk. ThinkGeek