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Chew on this iPhone alternative

iPhone buyers will likely be ignoring their families and pets to play with their new toy this Friday, but dogs can get in on the action with their own iBone toy.

The Fido-compatible iBone.

This Friday, Apple nuts around Australia will be fronting up to various telco stores at an unholy hour and buying a ticket to iPhone heaven.

Of course, this means that for the rest of the day — and probably the entire weekend, if not the rest of July — family members and pets will be ignored as all attention is devoted to the wondrous Apple accoutrement.

Pooches deprived of pats and walks can console themselves with the iBone, a soft, squeaky toy from the enterprising folk at the Snooty Paws online pet boutique.

Described in a media release as a "dog toy for the gadget loving pooch", the iBone is styled after the feverishly anticipated handset. It joins the previously released iPaw, a chewable version of the ubiquitous music player.

The iBone is available now for AU$23 from the Snooty Paws website.