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Chestnut Hill's George gets cheaper

The Chestnut Hill George gets a $50 price cut and--for a limited time--a $50 remote charger bundled in the package at no extra charge.

Chestnut Hill George with remote docking stand
The Chestnut Hill George: now cheaper (thanks to a price drop) and better (via firmware upgrades) Chestnut Hill Sound

Remember George? The iPod-friendly tabletop radio from audio start-up Chestnut Hill Sound garnered mostly positive reviews when it debuted earlier this year, thanks largely to its unique wireless remote control, but the $550 sticker price limited its appeal. Well, as of today, it's a decidedly better deal. Chestnut Hill has lowered the price to $500 and will bundle in the outboard remote charging stand--pretty much a must-have accessory--at no extra cost for units sold through the end of the year. To date, the charging stand cost an extra $50 as well, so the net savings on the new deal is a cool $100. Still pricey, to be sure, but right in line with plenty of other luxury label tabletop offerings from Bose, Tivoli Audio, and Boston Acoustics--none of which offer the George's cool remote.

In addition to the price drop, there's more good news for current and prospective George owners. The long-promised "skins" (side panels and speaker grilles available in different colors, as seen on Chestnut Hill's website) are now on track for October availability; they're expected to retail for $100 apiece. And the company has continued to make good on its pledge to keep updating the product, with the latest of several free firmware upgrades adding a variety of tweaks and improvements to the product. Meanwhile, the company is still planning to deliver the promised HD Radio add-on before the end of the year.