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Chestnut Hill George gets 3.0 firmware update

The iPod-friendly tabletop radio gets a software refresh to further improve its interface and control options.

Chestnut Hill George
The George is going 3.0. Chestnut Hill Sound

It's MacWorld week, which means that the faithful parishioners of the Church of Jobs are required to make the pilgrimage to San Francisco to see the latest and greatest of all things Mac and iPod. In addition to Apple's own revelations due from Steve Jobs' eagerly anticipated keynote address, the show also gives an opportunity to the increasingly massive army of iPod accessory makers to highlight their latest announcements, as well. And that's exactly what Chestnut Hill Sound is doing by revealing some refinements to its George iPod speaker system (pictured). The device, which includes a unique wireless remote that mirrors the iPod's display, will soon be getting a trio of enhancements, courtesy of a Version 3.0 firmware upgrade:

  • On-the-fly playlist functionality: Users can now build a playlist (on the George remote) while listening to the current track on the iPod.
  • Improved search: Searching is no longer limited to the first letter of a song, album, or artist, eliminating the need to scroll through long lists; second and third letters can be specified, so you can zero in on exactly what you're looking for.
  • Alarm enhancements: Specific days can be set for each alarm setting (e.g. different wake times for weekends versus weekdays).

The upgrade will be available as a free download on the company's Web site as of January 31--just download to a Windows or Mac PC and connect to the George via a USB cable.

Separately, Chestnut Hill has confirmed that it will continue to bundle the remote charging stand with the George for an unspecified time. (The $50 charger has been included in the $500 package for the past several months, but it was pitched as a limited-time offer that was scheduled to expire December 31, 2007.)

Check out the CNET review of the George for a complete hands-on look at the product with the existing firmware.