CherryOS picked off market

Tech Culture

CherryOS, the controversial Mac emulation software for the PC, has been yanked off the market, according to a report Tuesday in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

The newspaper reports that CherryOS creator Arben Kryeziu is no longer selling the product and has also left Maui X-Stream, the software company that had planned to distribute CherryOS.

The product has come under fire since its announcement, with some claiming that it uses code from PearPC, an open source effort to run Mac programs on a PC.

After PearPC developers threatened to sue over CherryOS, Kryeziu said he would offer the CherryOS as a free open-source product. However, he told the newspaper that "the software had too many issues."

"I'd rather...back up, give the PearPC people the credit and let them move forward," Kryeziu is quoted as telling the newspaper.

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