Cheney heckle video makes the rounds

Bloggers, many of whom remember how Dick Cheney uttered an obscenity last summer on the Senate floor, seemed to take great pleasure in spreading around a video clip of a flood victim who interrupts a press conference Thursday to give the vice president a taste of his own medicine.


Cheney was talking about hurricane cleanup progress in Gulfport, Miss., when a local resident--who has since put his story and footage up for auction on eBay (now at $207.50)--yelled out "Go f*** yourself, Mr. Cheney." (The auction was taken down without explanation later in the day after the price reached more than $500)

A reporter then asked Cheney if he's "getting a lot of that." Cheney replied, "First time I've heard it. Must be a friend of John,er...ah--never mind." iFilm and Crooks and Liars are among the sites hosting the video.

The heckler, who said he was later put in handcuffs and detained for 20 minutes, wrote in his eBay item description that he lost his home and many other things, but still feels lucky to be alive.

Blog community response:

"At least he was nice enough to refer to him as 'Mr. Cheney.'"
--This is what I'm talking about

"Cheney must be senile because he thinks that the person is angry about John Kerry: 'He must be a friend of John-- nevermind.' Not, exactly, Dicky boy. He's mad because he probably lost his home and his city is a toxic waste dump and you are accountable! I imagine he would say it if you were Democrat or Republican. People don't care much about political parties when they've lost their homes."
--Daily Pepper

"Cheney laughs it off, but there are many people dead that aren't laughing right now."
--Crooks and Liars