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Chelsea Handler, Eddie Izzard, Jack Whitehall raise a smile for Netflix

A new travel show starring Jack Whitehall and his dad joins new seasons of "Chelsea" and "Lovesick" on the streaming service.

Chelsea Handler takes on traditional Indian weddings, French politics and British class in her new season.


What do you get if you cross a posh Englishman and his dad, an outspoken chat show host, and an unfortunately timed STD? Netflix's new comedy line-up, that's what.

Netflix today revealed its chortlesome plans at a press event in Berlin. They include renewals for "Lovesick", the sitcom about a man dealing with past loves when he catches an STD, and Chelsea Handler's irreverent chat show.

Season two of "Chelsea" expands each episode to an hour. Handler will travel to India, France and the UK to get to grips with a traditional Indian wedding, the turbulent world of French politics, and the British class system. Comedian Eddie Izzard will also be on hand to explain Brexit, if such a thing is possible.

The posh Englishman (and his dad) is comedian Jack Whitehall (and his dad) in a new travel series. The bickering pair travel together through Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia in an effort to find themselves -- with hilarious consequences, no doubt. Shooting starts this month.

Netflix announced the news at a press event in Berlin today, where creators and stars from the streaming service's forthcoming original shows gave a taste of what we can expect. New shows are coming from Italy, Spain and Germany, joining the lineup of original Netflix productions from France, the UK and Mexico.

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