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Reclaim summer with a smokeless indoor grill, down to just $25 for today only

Plus a large air fryer is more than 50% off at Best Buy.

Best Buy

Are you the guy or gal on the block that simply can't let go of summer? While everyone else is dragging plastic reindeer out of the attic, you're loading boogie boards into the car as your kids look on in horror.

There's a good chance what you really miss most about summer is the grill, but you can fight back against the dying of the light with an indoor number like this Chefman electric indoor grill currently on sale for less than $25 (down from $50) as Best Buy's Deal of the Day.

The 150-square-inch easy-to-clean electric grill heats up fast and will deliver those prized grill marks on your burgers, dogs, pork chops and chicken breasts without any harmful smoke (it's safe to use indoors). Throw the football watch party or tailgate of a lifetime, and if you're hosting for the holidays and low on burner/oven space, an indoor grill can handle a share of the load.

Order one today at the sale price (it's the cheapest price we've found online) and with Best Buy's speedy free shipping you'll be grillin' by the weekend. Or have it sent to a local brick-and-mortar location to pick up even sooner. 

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And if it's a healthier french fry you're after, Best Buy has also slashed the price on this 5.3-quart Bella digital air fryer, down to just $70 for today only.